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In 1992 Albertine Slotboom succesfully finished the study Garden Design. In the following years Slotboom worked as a designer with great passion.  

Besides her devotion for designing gardens, Albertine Slotboom has an enormous interest in art, which made her to follow the preparatory study at the Academy of Art, Artez. In addition, Slotboom followed several classes from several experienced teachers of the Academy of Art. In 2003 Albertine Slotboom became an active member of the foundation Art by Empee, a foundation which focusses on practising art and promoting the art of their members. In the studio of the foundation cooperate a small group of artists to a lot of forms of art. In her choice of objects Slotboom is often inspired by nature, like plants and trees, but also objects from daily life. 

In 2010, Albertine Slotboom attended the study Upgraders at ArtEZ Institute of Arts and from 2011 to 2015, she attended the study Upgraders in Art

The art of Albertine Slotboom:

artists books  book objects  carborundum print  cardboard print  ceramic  collage   

collage portraits  drawings  etching  leporello  linocut  metal art   minimal art 

monoprint  photo art photography  photography I  portrait drawings  relief print 

silkscreen  textile art woodcut  world heritage art  3D-design


figure paintings  landscape paintings  minimal art

nature paintings  New Babylon Revisited  other paintings and water reflections

I invite you to visit another website of Slotboom: www.werelderfgoedfotos.nl World Heritage Photography by Albertine Slotboom. Sometimes Slotboom takes her inspiration from the wealth of the beautiful monuments that World Heritage has to offer.


ArtbyEmpee annual exhibitions from 2003 until 2009, Arnhem

2011 Exhibition SKiAm in Amerongen

2011 Exhibition in De Meent in Afferden

2011 Exhibition ArtEZ-Upgraders, ArtEZ Institute of Arts in Arnhem

2012 Exhibition, Coehoorn in Arnhem

2012 Exhibition Upgraders in Art, ArtEZ Institute of Arts in Arnhem

2013 Exhibition Upgraders in Art, ArtEZ Institute of Arts in Arnhem

2013 Exhibition, Coehoorn in Arnhem

2014 Exhibition Upgraders in Art, Coehoorn in Arnhem

2015 Exhibition, Nieuwstad in Arnhem

2015 Exhibition Upgraders in Art, Nieuwstad in Arnhem

2017 Exhibition ArtbyEmpee in De Transformatie Arnhem

2019 Exhibition ArtbyEmpee in De Transformatie Arnhem

The work of Albertine Slotboom can also be found in private collections.


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A world without art is a world without soul